About Paola > Artist Statement
"This is not something I can choose not to do. This is something I have to do. This is something I have to do because this is who I am."

    If I were to paint things as they are, I wouldn't consider myself an artist because the beauty of my paintings are that they are not just about the subject matter but instead, they carry a large part of who I am and my spirit. Travel in your mind back to a time as a child when you were in the backyard, roadside, field, forest or looking out the window. Remember how the world looked as you crawled through the grass, each individual blade becoming a towering tree, rocks transformed into mountains. Visualize looking through the brambles and thickets of your backyard and feeling the enormity of that space juxtaposed with the closeness of the surrounding branches. See a field, feel the openness of the air and the closeness of the warm ground beneath, expanding and contracting the space at the same time. These sensations are at the heart of my work.

    Through use of color and line I attempt to depict not just images or scenes of nature but rather evoke feelings and emotion of a place or a moment. I search for something new and fresh. I work hard at creating new art that matures a style rather than follow one. My artwork is a reflection of what I see, feel and think.

    It is in my hope to stimulate the viewer to the experience of enjoying color and the natural beauty that I have felt while painting these works. I live and work as an artist, aesthetician and fashion designer in my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario.