About Paola > 100 Facts
  1. I was born exactly 18 days before the Nuclear power plant accident at Three mile Island
  2. That means I am a Pisces
  3. I am Ecuadorian but I have grown up and currently live in Ottawa, ON
  4. I speak Spanish, English and Gibberish
  5. My favorite color is Pink
  6. I have a huge reverence of Artists
  7. I had three piercings by 15 and took them out one by one by 17
  8. I don?t regret my piercings
  9. I have a full color cover up tattoo of a faery and summer foliage that spreads across half my back
  10. I added a tattoo of a lady bug in honorium of my friendship w/ Jenny Neilson of Duncan BC & her daughter ?Katie Bug?
  11. I have a wing tatty on my left arm
  12. I wish all people could fly
  13. Powdered milk makes me burp
  14. I am hard headed
  15. I have compulsive *cleaning* tendency?s
  16. I have a lot of nerve
  17. I?m generous
  18. I understand but don?t give a damn
  19. I am frequently depressed
  20. I am frequently manically happy
  21. I have broken my right wrist twice. My left wrist once
  22. I am a very accurate weather beacon since my wrists always hurt before it rains\
  23. Most my friends are male
  24. I've learnt that if I say "never" I end up doing precisely what I was nevering
  25. I hate pedophiles, abusive people, lazyiness, control freaks, hypocrites & people who can't take responsibility for their actions
  26. I think too much
  27. I always have something to say
  28. I like making people laugh
  29. I believe laughter is medicine
  31. I do not ever recall being lonely
  32. I am environmentally conscious
  33. I practice holistic esthetic?s
  34. I wish there was such a thing as lesbian serum
  35. I wish I could talk to animals?
  36. The first thing I would say is ?sorry?
  37. I am against hunting for sport
  38. Jeff Kisko is my best friend (He also thinks that I will be the death of him)
  39. I have always been skinny. thin. boney. whatever way you want to describe me
  40. I stand up for people w/no back bone *this often gets me into trouble*
  41. I always face challenges
  42. I don?t give up
  43. I cry sometimes
  44. Anne of Green Gables destroyed my life
  45. I can?t spell
  46. Therefore I don't pronounce many English words correctly..
  47. I have a boot and corset fetish
  48. I have not had my natural hair color since grade six
  49. I am the only tall white girl in the family
  50. I am the only one with green eyes too
  51. I am eternally ?single?
  52. I have walked away from many people in my life
  53. I lick my plate if I fucking well feel like it
  54. I love my mom
  55. I wish I knew my fathers better
  56. I have three half sisters. But I've grown up and only known one
  57. I am very opinionated
  58. You can?t change me so cry yourself to sleep
  59. Nicknames: Sweet Pea, Big P, Pow-Pow, Polar Bear, Cat and Aural
  60. I have over 100 pairs of underwear
  61. Men consider me a picky eater
  62. I don?t believe them
  63. I have protested against clear cutting, native rights, seal hunting and animal rights
  64. I have planted trees
  65. I have many bad habits so I?m always trying to quit something
  66. I don?t drive
  67. I have fear of heights which is strange since I was once in Air Cadets
  68. Most ?big? dogs scare the hell outta me
  69. All my teeth are real LOL
  70. MMM CAKE!
  71. Pepsi not Coke Thank you!
  72. I say ?ummm? while I?m thinking out loud
  73. I talk a lot
  74. My messages on the answering machine tend to be loooong
  75. I slap things when I laugh really hard
  76. I sometimes drool, talk, slap and kick while I sleep
  77. Places I've been to: Venezuela (Caracas up to Maracaibo), Jamaica (Negril & Ocho Rios), Bahamas (Nassau), United States (NY, Florida, Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington), Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia) and of course, I've been to Ecuador (Quito my place of birth
  78. I travel often
  79. I hitchhiked across Ontario & Quebec
  80. I don?t hitchhike anymore
  81. I have lived in ghetto areas and in millionaire neighborhoods
  82. I hate being cold
  83. I often feel cold
  84. I want to have children one day
  85. I would name them ?Koral? and ?Kola?
  86. I would also love to adopt a child from my country
  87. I believe in the four directions of Life and a Creator
  88. I believe in change
  89. I believe in forgiveness
  90. People who have so little yet have so much faith inspire me
  91. I?ve been waiting for God to answer my phone calls
  92. I prefer dried red roses over fresh ones
  93. I?m suspicious of all pretty girls
  94. Pretty girls make me blush
  95. Oh la la sex!
  96. I once was a nymph
  97. November 3, 2005 I became an aunt to a beautiful 8 pound, 3 ounces bundle of joy named Leila Bella Bauer
  98. Her birth was one the most joyous moments of my life
  99. I love being an auntie cuz I get to be a kid all over again
  100. I suffer from ?peter pan syndrome?